Hello All,

Enjoyed sailing fast with the A2 (Big Red) thru the afternoon and evening (max 12.4 kts from our instruments) and nicely again thru the night with the jib at about 8 kts.   All got a chance to work on their helmsman skills – we’ll need it when we get in the trade winds in a day or two.

Our Position report:

1) 0800 Position N27°22,W130°10′

2) 2-4′ swell, overcast sky, Wind W14kts, Press 1019mb
3). All on board doing well. Enjoying the relatively steady winds day/nt and good sailing 24/7. Crew appreciated the meatloaf with mashed cauliflower and Madras Lentil sauce. Paired nicely with a Laguna Canyon Winery 2006 Cabernet.

Thinking of Honolulu as the ocean slips beneath us.


Lost sailors somewhere in the Pacific …