Hello All,

A great day of sailing yesterday, flying the A2 and Mainsail all thru the day and evening. Made good progress at 9 kts, surfing 11-12 kts on occasion.

Report to Race Committee:

1) 0800 Position N26°46,W133°23′

2) 3-5′ lumpy seas overcast sky, Wind NNE 15kts, Press 1020mb

3). All on board doing well. Winds slowly shifting toward NNE.Water maker working intermittently (possibly air being sucked in due to turbulence) – keeping up with rationed demand until working more consistently.

Enjoyed a fine but relatively light meal (given the energy spent holding course and steering in these lumpy seas): sautéed shrimp over black rice in an orange reduction and coconut sauce.  Went well with a sip of Sauvignon Blanc (when you could get the cup to your lips and not lose it getting there).

There you have it.  We’re looking forward to the committee’s report and seeing where we stand today within the fleet.
Until tomorrow,