Thanks to all those who sent Chi or other good wishes for wind, for we finally found it. Winds picked up to 15 kts in the early afternoon yesterday and we started sailing fine once again (and all the crew started to feel re-energized). The wind helped cool us off as the temperature and humidity rose sharply.

We enjoyed a fine dinner of pasta with chicken in a velvety lemon sauce, paired with the last bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Dishes were done and we got organized and settled down for our evening/night watches. I laid down at 9:30pm to get some rest before my midnight to 2am watch.

“Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!”
Al Pacino, The GodFather

At 10:30pm Tim Holmes entered the cabin, woke me and said “Charles, we have trouble and need help.” Up on deck I assessed the situation. As we had done the night before, we left the Code 0 up and flying to sail as fast as we could and hopefully make up for some lost time for the previous 24+ hours.

However, with an approaching squall, the wind was blowing 21 kts and Cabernet Sky was pitching wildly, being overpowered with the large sail. Crew positions were assigned and instructions given in preparation for the sail change. After furling the Code 0 and gybing to port pole so as to not get caught behind the squall in the “dead zone” (no wind), Tim and I went forward to guide the sail down and tie it off on the leeward side rail. The squall hit us fast with 23+ kt winds and driving rain as we worked. We then retired to the cockpit and joined the rest of the crew to pull out the jib and sail on, waiting for the squall to pass before gybing back to starboard.

At 11:30pm I laid back down to catch 20 minutes of rest, thinking about what the next attack might be. On deck for my watch, with the moon yet to rise, the sky cleared and the Milky Way presented herself in all her shining glory. Worth all the effort to be here!

Squalls distant on the horizon to the North this morning, but still sailing fine and making good progress toward our destination. 544.2 nm to Hawaii.