Hello All,

We had a fabulous couple of days flying the beautiful red with white accents  A2 sail – a brilliant and colorful sight to see. Unfortunately, it blew out yesterday mid afternoon. It was heart breaking to see the red and white ribbons in the air, like confetti at a New Years Ball. Without it, our progress is slower than expected – on to Plan B.

I was able to sew the new webbing onto the Code Zero. We’ll keep her in reserve in case the winds lighten up in the coming days.

Position Report:

1) 0800 Position N26°26,W133°23′ W136°31.75′
2) 5-7′ seas overcast sky, with some clearing. Wind NNE 17kts, Press 1021mb
3) All on board doing well. Blew out the A2 yesterday mid afternoon, sailing with main and jib. Have repaired Code Zero in reserve if winds allow.

Water maker still working off and on.

All aboard saddened by the loss of the A2, none more so than the skipper. Comforting dinner of pork in chili verde sauce, rice and beans, brought everyone around to a more festive mood.  We sail on.

The following is the Prelude in the novel “Fool’s Paradise”, a work in progress:

The Captain stood next to the helmsman as the ship plowed through the seas, lost in his thoughts, reflecting on the events that led them here. One of the voyagers approached and took a position next to the Captain. Looking West, the voyager said “Halfway to paradise, can’t wait to get there and see the beauty and smell the air.”  The Captain glanced in that direction, then returned his gaze to the course that was set. Even if the events that were about to unfold were known to him, it wouldn’t matter. He looked at the slate gray sea, with silver lined wave crests, glistening in the moon light, the shapes of scattered clouds and twinkling stars woven into the fabric. The Captain thought to himself “Paradise?  We’re already there.”