This year marks the 100 anniversary (50th bi-annual) 2,225 nm TransPac race from Long Beach, CA to the finish off Diamond Head in Hawaii.  The first class of boats will depart Long Beach on July 10, 2019.  There are relatively more race entries over recent years, and should be exciting to follow their daily progress via the TransPac website – the next best thing to actually being there!

Myself and 5 crew, aboard Cabernet Sky, participated in the 2017 race.  It was indeed an adventure of a lifetime.  Every boat in the race had to submit a daily report to the race committee.  That report became the basis for daily updates back home to the crew’s family and friends, who in turn forwarded the news on to their own network, which grew to over 200 recipients by the end of the race.

Starting today, I’ll be posting the daily updates that were sent, so you can either live or relive the adventure.  Here is one of the first ones sent, the others will follow in sequence thru the race and return to Long Beach.  Some more interesting than others.  Editorial license was taken at liberty, however most of it, I believe, actually happened.


Sharing the position report sent in to the race committee this morning as the update:

1) 0800 PDT position N 29°15.2′, W123°59.9′

2) Partly Cloudy, Wind NW @ 10 kts, 2-3′ swell,
pressure 1019mb

3) All onboard doing well, enjoyed sailing thru the night with steady 10-12 kts winds and relatively calm seas. Crew enjoyed dinner (chicken piccata with mixed veggies), but split on best wine pairing: Sauvignon Blanc vs Pinot Noir. Appreciating settled weather (no squalls) with the sunrise this morning. Hoping for a break in the clouds tonight to sail under the Gibbous Moon and waltzing stars.

Other than that, just put up the Code Zero and sailing along nicely. Some lively discussions among the crew, mainly engineering oriented, but no one thrown overboard … yet.Until tomorrow,