Get your International Sailing License, the SLC™, in San Diego or Orange County Harbor areas.

International SLC™ Details:

Assessor: Captain Charles Buckner

Pricing for Training and Assessment

Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of Courses $175.00

SLC Examination Course FREE

Assessment only, 1 day $599 per candidate

Preparatory training day(s) $599 per candidate / per prep day

SLC™ Complete Bundle: BBCM Course Bundle, 1 prep day, 1 day assessment $1195

*PLEASE NOTE: The 1-day assessment is a comprehensive practical evaluation in which you demonstrate the required skills and respond to questions underway, resulting in a pass or fail for the assessment. This is not a day of instruction. We like you and respect you but again, this is not a day of instruction. On the water practice and preparation in advance is very highly recommended, and we offer that service, but you decide how you will get it done.

Contact Us for more details on how to obtain your international license, scheduling and registration.