Siren Song California is a Nautical Ventures Community Outreach Program

Siren Song California

… for a Sound Life






Leverage the Yachting Community Network and Resources in Southern California to:

⛵   Provide a Free Sound-Life Sailing Experience to Health Challenged Patients/Survivors (VIPs) and their Support Network to Help in the Healing and Recovery Process

⛵  Support Veterans and Youth Development Groups


⛵  Health Challenged Patients & Survivors (VIPs),
and their Families/Caregivers

⛵  Veteran Support Groups

⛵  Youth Development



Siren Song Sound-Life Events
SoCal Near and Offshore Professional Sailboat Races

If you have a Veterans or Youth Development Group you’d like to nominate and/or sponsor for a Sound Life event, please contact Captain Charles at Nautical Ventures.