Qualified Crew Member Course

Every well-found sailing vessel is in need of qualified crew. With Qualified Crew Member certification, you’ll be able to assist the skipper and keep learning along the way. This qualification means more fun and confidence on sailing vacations, and for some, it’s the start of a journey around the world. Consisting of state of the art online training and 3 days of on the water practical training, this is a fun way to begin in the world of sailing.

Practical On-The-Water Training

Qualified Crew Member certification uses the Skipper certification rubrics. With 3 days of on-the-water (OTW) training, you’ll be able to help the Skipper get the boat ready for sailing, trim the sails, help with tacking and jibing maneuvers, and with docking and securing the boat.

Sailing is a lot more fun when you have the knowledge and confidence of a Qualified Crew Member.
It’s easy to participate with your skipper during a certification course either in the Newport Harbor, or during a Sailing Adventure from 3 to 7 days in length.
Small group instruction is also available.

Pre-requisite – NauticEd’s Online Qualified Crew Member Course

State-of-the-art online training topics include Weather and Sea Conditions, Electrical Systems, Rigging, Rules of the Road, Slip Departure and Return, Sailing, Communications & Navigation, Coping with Emergencies and more. Complete prior to beginning your on the water training.  Once completed, you’re ready to schedule the practical on-the-water (OTW) training.

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OTW Training Includes:

NauticEd membership, and lifetime access to courses purchased
Free online Logbook and Resume – you need this for that BVI charter you’re thinking of…
Free TrackLink App – makes adding to your sailing resume automatic and easy
3 days of on the water training, 18 hours total
Private and Semi-Private (small group) instruction with couples discount
Guaranteed Practical Competency

OTW Training Fees (3 days of on the water training, 6 hour sessions):

Private – $1395; Semi private – $775 (we’ll pair you with 2 or 3 other students); Couples – $1425

American National Standard – Sail

Our training methodology meets the On-Water Recreational Boating Skills Standard – SAIL, the newly released 2017 American National Standard for on-water instruction in entry-level recreational sailboat operation.

Guaranteed Practical Competency

We really want you to have the skills – we know that you do too. That’s why our policy is that until we can absolutely, positively, check off on your practical abilities according to the ANSI sailing training and assessment standards, you can keep coming back for additional practical instruction, on the water, at no additional charge.