Chartered a 2016 Bali 4.3 Loft version (“Seaduced”) thru West Coast Multihulls in San Diego.  Took several groups out on different occasions that were looking to experience sailing a large catamaran.  Sailing the Bali in San Diego Bay (love the skyline) and around Point Loma into Mission Bay was fine, and the passengers and crew enjoyed the massive interior layout and amenities.  But I personally would not want to cross an ocean on her.  She is heavy for a catamaran, requiring a fairly stiff breeze to get her moving.  The cockpit and helm is on the upper most top level (where the “Loft” name comes from) situated to starboard, making it impossible to see the port ama.  This means that a spotter/relay person is required below decks to communicate the boat’s proximity to the dock, hopefully before you crash into it!  It also means that the helmsman is completely separated from the rest of the crew.  Other than a second autopilot control in the nav station next to the galley, no other steering or sail controls outside the Loft.  Seaduced is currently for sale (see on Yachtworld), if near coastal cruising, mostly at anchor, is your cup of tea.